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Have a Pediatrician in Your Corner

Most of us, me included, have kids who rarely “need” the doctor.  We go in for an appointment once a year to make sure the growth checks out, any health screens are completed, and the school forms are turned in. And, that’s it.  Perhaps through luck, perhaps through good genes, perhaps through vigilant parenting, our kids grow up, and have minimal need for medical intervention.

Until, he or she does.

Thankfully, my now patient, Henry’s parents, knew of my direct doctor pediatric practice.

Henry had always been healthy, but then developed a fever, sore throat, and belly-ache.  His parents knew his pediatrician had a call-center to make an appointment, but this always took a long time (days sometimes) to be seen.  They chose to go to a local urgent care.  There, he saw a provider, who examined him, tested for strep throat, and diagnosed him with a viral infection.  He was given instruction to rest and stay hydrated.  But, he got sicker.  Back to the urgent care they went.  More rapid swabs were done, all of which were negative; and the same "rest, stay hydrated" instruction was given.  But, he got sicker.  Now, the parents brought him to a local emergency room.  Rapid swabs were repeated, blood work was done, IV fluids were administered.  He was told he had a viral infection, and rest and hydration were advised.  But, he got sicker.  Back to the ER they went, and this time he was admitted.

One day, two days, three days go by, and Henry remained quite ill.  The medical providers followed his blood work, which did not give them any answers.  Then, his fever, that had now been present for over ten days, broke.  Henry was able to tolerate small amounts of liquids and foods.  Because his acuity of illness had come down, he was discharged home and told to make follow up appointments.

At this point, the parents realized the bouncing around urgent cares, ERs, and hospitals was disjointed, confusing, and just not helping their son.  I came to Henry’s home after his first hospital discharge to find a very sick little boy.  A boy who could not walk, who was debilitated by body pain, and who was barely taking anything by mouth due to his discomfort. I found parents who were scared out of their minds and whose world had just become unrecognizable.

I am so, so grateful they reached out to me; to allow me to walk with them into that scary future.

We began a couple month journey of daily communication, drawing in of several specialists, two more hospitalizations, and an intensive outpatient care program.  There were labs, images, procedures, and medications to traverse.

As hellish as that time was, the parents and Henry knew they had a pediatrician driver who would be with them each step along the way, who would translate any medical-speak, who would piece together in a cohesive way the recommendations from different corners of the medical world.

Henry is now able to be looking back at those months as a memory, and he is able to look forward to time filled with school, sports, family and friends.

I know this time has forever changed Henry and his family.  And, this time has forever changed me, as a doctor, as a mom, and as a person.  I am so very grateful to be able to practice relationship-based, personalized medical care.  It is truly life-changing.

Be well,

Dr. Good

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