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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have never heard of this kind of care. How exactly does this work?
    Concierge-style or direct primary care is really a return to how medicine was practiced generations ago. It is an alternative to the insurance-controlled and frequently corporate-owned places of medical practice that exist in most of the country now. If this kind of direct care resonates with you, then you start with emailing me at I will send you more detailed information to ensure you feel informed. We will have a virtual or in-person meet-and-greet. Then, you start paying monthly or yearly for your age appropriate membership. In return, you have direct access to YOUR doctor for any pediatric concerns.
  • What is Direct Primary Care?
    Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare that focuses on the physician-patient relationship without the limitations of insurance or corporate regulation.
  • Do you take insurance?
    No. DPC practices do not take or bill insurance. You pay a monthly fee for direct access to your doctor. Instead of billing hassles, unknown fees, and piles of insurance-related paperwork, your membership fee goes directly to your pediatric practice.
  • What is covered in my membership?
    - All check-ups and well exams. - Sports Physicals. -Acute and sick visits. -Direct access to YOUR pediatrician via text, email, phone call. -Chronic disease management for numerous conditions including asthma, eczema, acne, depression, ADHD, anxiety, constipation, food sensitivities/allergies, developmental disorders including autism, language delay, learning disabilities. -School, camp, sports forms. -Synchronous and asynchronous virtual care. - Care coordination with hospitals and specialists as needed.
  • How do I pay for my membership?
    Membership fees are automatically charged monthly to your checking account or credit card. There are never any hidden fees or unexpected expenses since the membership fee covers all your pediatric primary care.
  • Should I still have insurance?
    Yes. I recommend you still have insurance. Insurance is best used for specialist care, emergency care, surgeries, and hospitalizations. Most DPC members choose either a high-deductible PPO plan or health share program. I recommend talking to your insurance agent for the best plan for you.
  • If my kids are "healthy", why do I need you as my pediatrician?
    I strive to be an extension of your family. I offer more than once a year check-ups, and I think your family deserves more high-quality healthcare than that. I frequently hear families use their pediatrician for a 10 min annual check up, and use Urgent Care for all sick visits for convenience. While Urgent Care does have a purpose, your child will have better care from someone who knows them. Time and time again, I see kids fall through the cracks because of disjointed care and aggressive use of prescription medications. You will never have to worry about accessing me. You'll have my personal number!
  • My child has complex medical needs, can you take care of them?
    Yes! I have the ability to spend 30-60 minutes with you and your child as often as you need. In the traditional system, I rarely got more than 10 minutes of face-to-face time to tackle medically complex children. That just isn't enough. I aim to be an advocate for your child in our rather daunting healthcare system, and I strive to personally know how all your child's specialists can come together to keep your little one as healthy and comfortable as possible.
  • How do vaccines work?
    I recommend following the AAP and CDC recommended vaccine schedule. I do not accept families who do not plan to vaccinate. Vaccines will be provided and billed through a separate company that bills your insurance. If you have an insurance that typically covers vaccines, then that same coverage will be used at Club Pediatrics for the vaccines. If you do not have insurance coverage of your vaccines, we can offer you the cash pay rate or discuss the best options for your child to receive the recommended vaccines.
  • Can I afford this concierge-style of care?
    Yes! There are no hidden fees and for the payment of a Starbucks a day, you have a pediatrician in your pocket. It is rather like a gym membership with an expert personal trainer. In a traditional corporate medical practice, most families spend about $1000+ per year on top of their insurance premiums. This gets them a rushed 10 min check-up and 5-10 minute acute appointments in the middle of a jam-packed clinic. For a similar price, you get direct, unlimited access to YOUR doctor.
  • How do I join?
    You can fill out the contact form on the website, or email me directly at, and I will directly reach out to you to set up a meet-and-greet.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes. You can cancel your membership after giving a thirty day written notice.
  • Can I have a one-time visit?
    I will offer one-time visits depending on schedule availability.
  • Is there a discount for large families?
    Yes! Families only pay $300/month for their membership.
  • Will you take care of my child at the hospital?
    I will be in communication with you and your hospital doctor to ensure your child has continued expert care. I do not, however, take over the care of your child during an admission.
  • Are you a "real" doctor?
    Yes! I am a board-certified and licensed general pediatrician. This means I graduated college, medical school, residency, and passed all the exams and certifications needed to be licensed in my profession and state of practice.
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