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Concierge-style Direct Pediatric Care 
With Home Visits!
  • Unrushed, personalized care

  • 24/7 Access to Your Pediatrician

  • In-Home Visits!

pediatrician and toddler


I am Dr. Katie Good, and I created Club Pediatrics to provide the type of care I want for my children.  My practice is a membership-based, concierge-style medical home.  I am always just a text, call, or email away from my patients and families.  This is the personalized healthcare you and your children deserve.

I enjoy knowing my families so well that I know what is working and what is not working; when they have worries and when they have hit milestones to celebrate.  This is how medicine should be practiced-- personalized, informed, direct, trusted.


Traditional Insurance Based Medical Care Model

  • Call Centers

  • Triage Nursing Staff

  • Pricing Mystery

  • Insurance code-based care delivery

  • Rushed appointments

  • No guaranteed provider continuity

  • Unpersonalized

Club Pediatrics Model

  • Direct Doctor Access 24/7

  • Texting, Calling, Emailing, Video Chatting, and In-person appointments at home or office.

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Precise, personalized, unrushed medical care

  • Blend of traditional, functional, and integrative approach to medicine


So How Does It Work?

Club Pediatrics is an ideal combination of concierge-level medicine and direct primary care (DPC).  That means we focus first on providing personalized, unrushed medical care where it is most convenient and appropriate.  Typically, a pediatrician in the traditional insurance-based medical model must juggle the needs of a patient with those of a busy schedule, insurance platform, corporate legal, financial, coding, and quality departments.  With Club Pediatrics, your pediatrician takes back the doctor-patient relationship, returning to patient-centered care without external interference. By focusing on fewer patients, we can provide the unrushed and unrestricted high quality, accessible care that your family deserves.



Members have my cell phone for direct texting, emailing, or calling.  Same or next day appointments.



Care is seamless and coordinated when handled by your personal doctor who knows your child.  I am here to advocate for you and your child in sickness, health, and everything in between. 

baby eating food


In order to give members exceptional and personalized care, the patient panel is limited in numbers.

Toddler play development


I offer care in your home.  No waiting rooms, no juggling visits to the office between infant feedings or life commitments.  This type of care offers the informed detail to best care for families.

Teenager boy


If you need an extended visit or a short visit,  I can accommodate you.  I will meet you at home, on a video call, or in office.  I am here for you.

hearing aid child


This is a membership-based practice without additional co-pays or hidden expenses.  This allows you to budget for your healthcare.  And with better medical care, your overall need to go to an Urgent Care, Emergency Room, or Specialist office are reduced.

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